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American Inca Trail FAQs

Here we present the frequently asked questions that our clients usually ask us. Before making any general enquiries, please read this page carefully along with the information itineraries.

Preguntas Frecuentes

Welcome to American Inca Trail!

If you’re travelling to Cusco-Perú or if you are already here, you might have some questions about our service and of course Peru itself. Our FAQs are aimed at helping you with any question you may have during your trip to Perú.

How early should I book in advance?

It is always best to book as soon as possible and during busy season (May-September) this is especially important as tickets and trips sell out quickly. During this period we suggest you book at least 2-3 months in advance but if this is not possible we will try our best to accommodate your schedule.

Can you help provide a customized itinerary?

Yes we can help create an itinerary that is accommodating to your schedule. Email us with your desired trips and travel dates and we will happily create a customized itinerary that fits your schedule!

Who are your guides?

We expect the absolute best from our tour guides as we want you to have the experience you always desired in Peru. Our guides are both English and Spanish speaking Peruvians. They are knowledgeable professional guides who are constantly in close contact with AIT.

Can I book in a group?

Yes, of course. We offer solo or group packages and will place your group in the same accommodation and tours.

Do you provide equipment for tours?

Yes, we do provide equipment for tours such as sleeping bags and backpacks for a small fee. Any equipment that we do not rent can be purchased locally through our recommendations.

Do I need identification for your trips?

On trips such as Machu Picchu we require you to have a Passport or ID on hand in order to book your ticket and enter the site. It is required to at the very least have a copy of your passport for identification in order to enter several sites and ride trains and buses in Peru.

Can I leave my luggage with you during trips?

Of course! We offer secure storage for your luggage when you don´t want to worry about your extra baggage.

Do I need travel insurance?

Although not required, we highly recommend you take out personal insurance since sickness and injury is always possible anywhere in the world.

Can we book hotel accommodations through you in Cusco?

Sorry but we do not book hotel/hostel accommodations in Cusco, but we will gladly give you suggestions as to where to book and what prices are best!

How safe are your tours?

Your safety is our biggest concern; therefore, tours are inspected and partaken by our staff ensuring the safest trips possible. Yet we always ask customers to exercise a degree of caution and listen intently to your tour guides.

What payments do you accept?

We accept Peruvian Soles, Credit Card, USD or PayPal. If you do bring other currency it is easy and safe to exchange currency for Soles or USD in Cusco.

Do you provide airport transportation?

Yes we provide pickup or drop-off at the airport and pickup or drop-off at your accommodation for approximately $10 USD each way (price may vary depending on the location of the accommodation).

Why American Inca Trail?

American Inca Trail is the leading local travel agency for Cusco-Perú. We provide customized itineraries for our clients to create the stress-free trip of a lifetime.

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Who are we?

We are a family run business located in downtown Cusco and dedicated to providing the best experience possible. We offer a wide variety of excursions across Peru ranging from treks to Machu Picchu to paragliding in the Sacred Valley!

What separates you from other travel organizations?

AIT (American Inca Trail) is a Cuscanian company with knowledgeable English and Spanish speaking staff. Since our company is small, family run and rooted in Cusco we provide up-to-date and relevant information that other larger companies cannot. Our staff has participated in the tours we offer and therefore can attest to their safety and give accurate information pertaining them. Furthermore, due to the size of AIT you will be in close contact with our owners via personal email and phone. If any issues or concerns ever arise you can contact our ownership directly and we will answer your questions in a prompt and timely manner.

Where are you located?

We are located on Av. El Sol 616, Office 3 less than a 10 min walk from Plaza de Armas and a 15 min drive from the airport. Our office is in the Maximo Nivel building on the main floor and the third office on the right.

How can I contact you?

We recommend that you email us at and we will reply as soon as possible, generally within the next hour. You can also contact us through phone at +51974994321 or (084) 750265.

How can I book with you?

You can book directly on our website, call or email us. Or if you are in Cusco you can stop by the office and book a trip with us in person.

How do I receive my tickets?

We take care of all of the ticket purchases and will give them to you at the office or send them to your tour guide depending on what trips you booked with us.

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