Lake Titi Caca Full-Day

Pick up at your accommodation......
21:30pm We will pick you up in your Hotel/homestay and take you to the bus station where you will take the sleeper bus, which leaves at 10:15pm to Puno (6hours).

Day 1: Puno - Uros - Taquile Island:
Upon arrival, you will be picked up and transferred to a hostel where you will have time to rest in the lobby (approx.1-2 hours) before beginning your trip. During this time we recommend you eat breakfast (not included). In the morning you will pick you up at approx. 06:45am at the hostel in Puno and you will go to the port where you will begin a motorboat excursion on the waters of Lake Titicaca. The boat excursion of Lake Titicaca begins by visiting The Uros Floating Islands€, a small community that has lived on these reed islands for decades. Centuries ago the small indigenous Uros tribe conceived of the islands as a way to isolate and protect them from rival tribes, the Collas and the Incas. The Uros people harvested the reeds in the shallows of the lake, bundled them together tightly and built floating island platforms complete with reed houses and canoes, creating in this way their own little world. After the tour of this island you will continue towards Taquile Island where you will walk for approx. 30-40 minutes until you will arrive to the town where you'll visit different traditional sites there. Here you will also have your lunch. Later in the afternoon you will return to Puno at approx. 4:30PM. This ends your tour. At this time you can explore Puno on your own and have dinner before arranging your own transportation to the bus station. (This is very easy to do by taxi). The bus back to Cusco is at 22:00pm.

Arrival to cusco the next day.........
05:00am Arrival to Cusco and transfer to accommodation not included.


  • This trip includes the Uros and Taquile Islands.
  • Sleeper bus Cusco - Puno - Cusco.
  • Transfer bus station - hostel- port.
  • Professional bilingual guide (English - Spanish).
  • Entrance fees.
  • Lunch.

Optional inclusions:

  • First breakfast.
  • Water and snacks.
  • Taxi transport: to Puno bus station and pick-up at Cusco bus station.

What you should bring:

  • Warm, layerable clothing as temperatures in the afternoon can be very cold. (Warm jacket, gloves, hat).
  • Chocolates/snacks, and a bottle of water.
  • Sun block.
  • You should also bring cash (in soles) to buy souvenirs, which are very unique and made by the local people as well as cash to tip your guide if you feel the service was satisfactory, and cash for your breakfast, snacks, and dinner.

Important things to remember:

When you arrive back to the bus station in Puno, you need to pay the "tax" for the bus ride back to Cusco. This is approximately S/1.50. Look for the booth with the sign "TAMES". This is where you need to give them your bus ticket and they will apply a sticker of proof of tax payment.


  • Destinations: Lake Titi Caca
  • Time Needed: Full-Day
  • Tour Style: Lake Titi Caca
  • Distance cover: x
  • Intensity: Easy
  • Ideal For: Those who like culture and scenery.
  • Base Price: $95 USD

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Prices and details


$95 USD per person
Details *Group size from 10 to 35 people. *Confortable sleeper bus round trip. *This option visit "Uros" & "Taquile" islands.



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Lake Titi Caca Full-Day
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Book: Lake Titi Caca Full-Day

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